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I don't agree that we have to write every day.

However, for some people who do say "write every day," what they really mean is if you want to write, but you don't have a good idea yet, don't stop yourself from writing. Write garbage! You'll probably turn that garbage into something beautiful, or not. It may just help generate ideas.

The novel I'm working on right now started as garbage on a page. Then it took off.

So I don't agree with the notion that we should write every day, I prefer the suggestion to write garbage.

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Hi Mike! I relate to how frustrating it is to want to work on something only for your brain to spin you in a totally different direction. Battling my own mind is one of the most tiring things I do on a daily basis. I'm glad you're spurring conversation around this struggle.

One strategy I'm trying out is sprinting for a couple of weeks on one project then switching gears and sprinting for a couple of weeks on another project. I realized that working on one thing for an extended period of time drains my interest, so I need to take breaks in order for my interest to rejuvenate itself. So far, it seems to be working, but then again, I only started this month. Fingers crossed?

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